About Us

Why AMA Insurance?

AMA Insurance is a subsidiary of the American Medical Association.

Since 1988, AMA Insurance has leveraged the power of more than a million U.S. physicians, negotiating high-quality and valuable coverage from top-rated insurance companies. Physicians count on the AMA-sponsored products throughout their career to protect their assets from medical school to retirement. Rely on us to help protect your financial future.

We see firsthand the unique professional paths, challenges, and lives of physicians and their families. The insurance we offer is tailored around those needs. And, the collective buying power of physicians means these products are custom fit across the many years of your practice at rates designed to meet your needs.

AMA Insurance offers an array of coverage and benefits designed for physicians like you. We share access to important resources and help you protect your most valuable assets with physician-exclusive insurance coverage. You and your family should not suffer a financial setback if your career or income are ever disrupted due to illness, accident or death. With AMA Insurance, you’re protected.