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Need to know what insurance is right for you? Meet our Physician Insurance Specialists

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In a world as complex as ours, there are times when you need the knowledge and experience of a specialist. That’s true in medicine, in managing your finances, and particularly when it comes to protecting you and your family with insurance.

That’s where AMA Insurance (AMAI) comes in. We are committed to serving the special insurance needs of physicians and their families, to help make sure you have access to quality protection at favorable rates.


How do we work to meet physicians’ unique insurance needs?

  • First, as a subsidiary of the American Medical Association, we leverage the exceptional bargaining power of physicians when negotiating benefits.
  • We work with highly rated insurance companies that provide quality service to physicians and policyholders.
  • We serve the special insurance needs of physicians, from medical school through retirement.
  • Your Insurance Specialist is a salaried employee, not a commissioned salesperson.
  • Your interests will always come first.
  • Each Insurance Specialist is licensed to sell insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Our goal is to help you build the financial protection portfolio that meets your needs, not a sales quota.
AMAI Insurance Specialist Kendra Henderson
AMAI Insurance Specialist Kendra Henderson
Kendra Henderson

“I believe that every person who asks for my help with insurance deserves my best, and that belief drives everything I do. I am not here to read off a list of features and benefits and close a sale. I am here to listen, present workable options, and to see that every physician, every family member, has the insurance coverage that serves their needs.”

AMAI Insurance Specialist Joe Bender
AMAI Insurance Specialist Joe Bender
Joe Bender

“I work with medical students just beginning to plan their financial futures, retiring physicians looking to protect assets accumulated through years of service, and physician families at every stage in between. Each person I speak with is unique, and I strive to present each with insurance solutions that address both their immediate and long-term goals.”

Jillian Moran

“I have personal experience with the needs and financial goals of physicians. I am married to one. I have seen firsthand how financial needs change at every stage of a physician’s career, and with every change in their family. I enjoy helping others respond to the changes in their lives with practical and innovative insurance solutions. Even before beginning their professional lives, physicians — and their families — have made huge investments in time and money. I want to help them protect the fruits of those investments.”

What You Can Expect from Your Insurance Specialist

Easy access

Whether you prefer to talk or email, you’ll get prompt answers from your Insurance Specialist. For an initial discussion, simply call toll-free 1-888-627-5902. If you prefer to schedule a call, you can make the appointment here. If you prefer email, here’s the link: team@amainsure.com.

Experienced professionals

We have years of experience in meeting the special needs of physicians and their families. We’ll help you protect the assets and the standard of living you’ve worked to achieve, against the effects of loss, illness, or accidents.

Personal attention

We’re here to listen and consult with you. We’ll pay close attention to your stated goals, because your insurance portfolio should be tailored to fit your needs today, while remaining flexible enough to address your future needs.

Clear explanations

Yes, the insurance industry has its own language, but we’ll happily answer all questions clearly and concisely, without a lot of insurance jargon.

Application support

We’ll help you move through the application process, telling you what to expect, what information you’ll need to provide, and even schedule health exams when they are needed. After all, you want the peace of mind that comes from working with a physician insurance professional—and knowing your family, your income, and your assets are protected.

Timely follow-up

When you become an insured, you can expect us to check in with you from time to time, to make sure your coverage continues to meet your needs. Has your income increased, enough to warrant additional disability insurance? Is there a new baby in your home? Are you thinking about retirement? Physicians’ lives are busy. We’re here to help.