AMA-Sponsored Disability Income Insurance

Enhanced features help strengthen your disability income protection

Protect your financial future and your lifestyle

AMA-sponsored Group Disability Income Insurance gives you the opportunity to customize coverage to fit your career stage. Whether you’re a young physician looking for solid income protection that fits your budget, or an established physician interested in more disability coverage options, AMA-sponsored Disability Insurance offers options, benefits and features designed to meet your income protection goals throughout your career.

Choose your definition of disability

The “Own-Specialty” Definition of Disability built into this coverage offers you a way to protect the income you earn in your medical specialty.  Or, you can choose to enhance this protection and choose the new “True Own-Specialty” Definition of Disability option that will allow you to collect full benefits if you can’t work in your medical specialty and still choose to work in another one.  Additional cost applies..

Up to a 10% Rate Reduction

Members of the American Medical Association receive a 10% reduction. Rate reductions are reviewed annually and although not promised or guaranteed, premium credits have lowered the cost of this insurance since 2006. Rates may vary by state of residence.

Up to $15,000 a month in benefits

Coverage is available for physicians under age 60 who are residents of the U.S. and are actively engaged full-time at work and can be positioned as either primary or supplementary to existing coverage.

Portable protection

Your employer provided coverage may have limits and end if you change jobs. AMA-sponsored Group Disability Income Insurance is yours to take with you as you move through your career.

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Let our Insurance Specialists put their extensive training, experience, and access to physician focused insurance solutions to work for you. And, they don’t work on commission and don’t have any sales quotas to meet. Your goals set the agenda.

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Rates current as of 2024.

AMA Sponsored Disability Income Insurance underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company, 51 Madison Ave, New York, New York 10010, under group policy NO. G-30639-0 and on policy form GM R-FACE/G-30639-0. Coverage may not be available in all states and product features may vary by state.

Quotes are for illustrative purposes only. Rates and premium credits are reviewed and may change annually; the premium credit is locked in when coverage is issued and is guaranteed for at least the first year of coverage.
Rates are based on your age on the effective date of coverage and your attained age on each renewal date. Depending on program experience, premiums may change on the policy anniversary date (July 1) or your annual renewal date (whichever is later).

Insurance coverage purchased with after-tax funds is generally not taxable. You may wish to consult a personal Tax Advisor for further information.

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